The Alpinebay Shower System is a comprehensive waterproofing system for use with ceramic tile and natural stone shower installations. The Alpinebay Level Entry Shower Pan, Alpinebay Surprima Mat waterproofing membrane and our EZ-Niche shampoo shelves work in conjunction to provide a complete solution to the challenges posed by traditional bathroom renovations. Each product is designed to simplify the renovation process while providing cost-savings in the form of labor reduction and long-lasting, maintenance-free durability.

Recessed Wall Niche


EZ-NICHES from Alpinebay is the solution to the costly  and long process of building a recessed niche. The  prefabricated design is ready to tile and can easily be  installed in minutes.

Constructed from recycled ABS, this lightweight and durable material is virtually indestructible. A tiled shower niche creates an attractive shelf to place your  shower necessities. In addition, the niche is often used  as a design focal point for decorative tiles. Get creative  and use multiple sizes.


Waterproofing Membrane


The Alpinebay Surprima Mat waterproofing
membrane reduces the labor time associated with using conventional liquid membranes that need days to dry before tiling can commence. Upon installation, the Alpinebay Surprima Mat’s sheet-style application can be immediately tiled saving both time and labor costs.


Curbless Shower Pan


Old-fashioned shower installations involve the grueling and tedious use of mortar beds, barriers at the entry that require a step over is an outdated and inefficient flooring strategy. The Alpinebay Level Entry Shower Pan comes pre-sloped eliminating labor time required to develop a proper mortar bed installation.



Liquid Waterproofing


A liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane.

PURPLE GUARD Coming Soon...